5 Fan-Made Mario Games That You Can Play For Free

Hands down to Mario which is one of the most famous games that ever introduced in the Gaming industry. Most of the people have their childhood memories with the game and there are lots of fan following behind Mario. That’s why there are lots of fans also showed their support and

5 Highest Paying Career Options In Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry is blooming and no doubt it’s attracting millions of eyes. However, some are enjoying the games that are designed, but some are interested in participating in the whole process. Because of lots of opportunities, there are some amazing career options where you get the highest paying along with

Zombie Buster : Online Game Review

What’s Unique About the Game  Usually, zombie games are more about shooting and killing zombies in bloodshed but this is a more light-hearted take on that. However, here you tearing the zombies into limbs and pieces but for some reason, that doesn’t seem anything gore or gritty. The very concept

5 Weirdly Simplistic Games To Play Online

You surely have seen the heavy graphics, meaty characteristics and complicatedly designed games to engage and involve you to this new world. Sometimes if that’s not the case, at least games like Mario or simpler like Angry birds, still have strategically designed level system. But what about simplistic games with

5 Best Zombie Games Websites To Play Online

Whether it is movies, graphic novel or games, zombies have become cult niche to enjoy. Zombie games are one of the most popular game categories ever whether it is video games, Android games or online games. Here are some great websites where you can find a good collection of online

Bored At Office? Here Are The Best Games You Can Play Online

It’s not possible to stay focused all the time especially when you work at the office. There is some time when you just want to relax, however, browsing youtube and watching something can be time wasting as well as distracting. You don’t want something too heavy either. Well, here are

5 Interactive Games Where You Can Earn Real Money

The community is growing with rapid speed and introducing different ways to get the attention of game players. However for those people who are obsessed with the games and want more than just fun then don’t worry, now there are lots of phones where you can find the money earning

Frog Jumper : Online Game Review

You need to get the frog on the other side without pulping it under the vehicle tire. This online game has pretty much resemblance or says adapted from those classical stimulating road-cross challenging games including frogs obviously. These games have been played on the video games, Symbian earlier old sets