Dead Land Adventure : Online Game Review

Design  The overall design of the game is bit colorful and cheering considering the zombies in the dead land. It is hard to tell whether it is irony symbolized by the developers or just laziness. It even can be meant to be like that. All you will see the green trees and that seem likeRead More

10 Best Online Games Website On Basis Of Genres

Action Game: Best Website For Action Games  If you are looking for a website ideally great for action games only, assimilates a wide range of action-based games even within subgenres such as action-adventure, action-shooting, war, action-platform and much more. They are mainly focussed to prove action or at least action-based games in different areas.Read More

5 Fun Games That You Regret Not To Play

There are lots of time when you just want to play something to pass your time. At that moment, you don’t want to have something which has extremely hard gameplay or other hard instructions. For those players, there are different games introduced so they can play and have fun while doing that. Here is aRead More

5 Vintage Video Games That You Can Play Now

Well, the gaming industry surely developing fast and more than just that the technology is giving much existing experience. But sometimes, it’s okay to stop and look back. There are some amazingly classic games that you can play even now.  All these games are vintage and have their own place in gaming history which is valuableRead More

5 Weirdly Simplistic Games To Play Online

You surely have seen the heavy graphics, meaty characteristics and complicatedly designed games to engage and involve you to this new world. Sometimes if that’s not the case, at least games like Mario or simpler like Angry birds, still have strategically designed level system. But what about simplistic games with minimal design and not evenRead More

5 Interactive Games Where You Can Earn Real Money

The community is growing with rapid speed and introducing different ways to get the attention of game players. However for those people who are obsessed with the games and want more than just fun then don’t worry, now there are lots of phones where you can find the money earning option too. Here are theRead More

10 Interesting Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Playing video games or online games haven’t much considered being a quality time investment, especially for parents when they see their kids playing games for hours. It is true that everything that imposes you towards addiction or anything particular out of limit is dangerous. But doesn’t it apply to everything? So why only games? VideoRead More