Super Kid Adventure : Online Game Review

Design  The overall design of the game in visual context is quite great, seem like an update form of Mario classics where you see these round ugly-face monsters hovering on the ground. Then you see various stages design to jump on them and utilize them to use as a platform to jump, explore and find thingsRead More

Tower Platformer : Online Game Review

Design  The basic design of the game is quite unique and different comparative to other games. It is neither the side-scrolling platform game nor the puzzle-platform. As the protagonist is supposed to reach to the top of the tower, the game scrolls upwards as you go towards the top. The tower is explored from the surroundingRead More

Robbers In Town : Online Game Review

Robbers in Town is certainly one of the most challenging adventure game ever which is highly responsive and based on your stimulation. It is kind of a unique game where instead of one, two gaming characters you need to control in a very volatile surrounding.  Two robbers in the town just broke the jail andRead More

5 Most Popular Video Games In 2019

2018 was the year of great games whether it was new versions of popular and post-modern cult games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty or rise of fever of new games such as PUBG. More games are introduced every year, so most of the time, few get out of the limelight. Well, here areRead More