Battleship : Online Game Review

About the GameĀ  Battleship is basically a guessing game which is played among two players on a grid. It is one of the classic pencil and paper game dated back around the world war I, later adapted in various version finally in video games, smartphones, and other formats as well. The concept is to guessRead More

5 Online Strategy Games To Sharp Your Mind

There was a time when games were only for fun, however as time is changed the purpose of games is also get differ. Nowadays, the game developerĀ is working to make the game fun but also smart for making the players sharp as well as intelligent. Also, these games test your mind and how smart youRead More

5 Fun Space Games To Play Online

Space always fascinates whether it is movies, games or in science. It comes with a lot of possibilities, theories and exploration giving new ideas and concepts to movies and even to games. There is the whole genre of space in video games which were consumed by a large number of gamers. Some are classics, someRead More