Ancient Blocks : Online Game Review

About the Game  Ancient Blocks seems to be the mystery of the ancient civilization when the communications and art were around on the basis of patterns, shapes, signs, and codes. Different adventures prove the same and thus, the game ancient blocks is a puzzle game based on a similar concept. It is apparently more easyRead More

Flying Bird Recycling Rubbish : Online Game Review

Design  The basic design of the game is very simple and straightforward to its gameplay. The graphics used in the game is cartoonish and complimenting the difficulty level. It is about this flappy bird who needs to go through various obstacles. There are wooden branches leaning towards the opposite side from its origin to makeRead More

Angry Fish : Online Review

Design Angry Fish, as it seems pretty much similar to its original game ‘ Angry Birds’ even in the basic design, style, and application of gameplay as well. Angry Fish is just another game you can play if you really loved Angry Birds. There are even plenty of other versions of the game which isRead More

Frog Jumper : Online Game Review

You need to get the frog on the other side without pulping it under the vehicle tire. This online game has pretty much resemblance or says adapted from those classical stimulating road-cross challenging games including frogs obviously. These games have been played on the video games, Symbian earlier old sets of mobile phones and nowRead More