Goto Dot : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept is all about reaching towards the center of the circles surrounding each other. The white dots are supposed to reach the core of the circular paths which is protected by these red dots guarding it. Design  The design of the game is very much satisfying the gameplay

Zombie Shooter : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept of the game is very simple, it is more like a strategy casual puzzle game mostly resonate with zombie buster or even popular casual puzzle platform games such as angry birds. Again, the idea is to hit the zombies dispersed in multi-directional corners of a platform frame

5 Popular Monster Trucks Online Games To Play

There are a lot of online games which is about racing, tanks, vehicles, cars, bikes and a lot more. You have played them, most of them at least but some of the monster truck games are so great to be explored. Here are some monster truck online games which are

5 Online Vehicle Games To Play Online [ Except Motorbikes & Cars]

Are you tired of playing just car racing games or bike stunt games? And actually looking for a break from that! But still, love the racing or stunting vehicle games. You might be wishing there could be more than a car or bikes in racing or stunt gaming arena. Well,

Greenman : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept of the game is quite simple where this green man pursuit is to rescue or free her yellow-haired woman from mosquitoes’ prison as what represents the landing page of the game. In the gameplay, the concept is to drop the blue ball right into the pipe hole fighting

10 Highest Played Retro Games Online [ According to] : Part II

Retro games are highly popular even today and various websites such as 8bit, 8bbit,, and even another website such as Go strategy games, Go action games, Maze Cracker offering classic games and other games based upon those retro hits. In the last post, 5 among the 10 highest played retro

10 Highest Played Retro Games Online [ According to] : Part I

8-bit games are pretty much gone today but are it?  Of course not! Every retro game is coming back at the online database where it is going to be there forever, so avid gamers know where their love for gaming comes from. Everybody get the nostalgia ride whenever these 8-bit

5 Best Indoor Games That You Can Play Online

Board games are adapted to the virtual gaming experience which is always fun and become quite a habit for people in this 21st century. Funny thing, that happens also with indoor and outdoor games as well, sports, adventures and much more. We are presenting here some great indoor games to

5 Online Games Which Require Precision To Play

There are a lot of challenging games, tricky games, and even strategic games as well where you need strategy and a certain level of a learning curve as well to understand it, not run into it. But quite a few of games require precision to play it. You need to be

Angry Aliens : Online Review

Concept  Angry Aliens is a casual puzzle online game which is basically inspired by the popular game ‘ Angry Birds’ but still somewhat restricts itself from being completely like it. So the gameplay, the impact, and overall style are not the same as the original one. It does follow the common