Most Famous Video Games And The Secrets Behind Their Origins

Not just the superheroes have their origin stories and background but there are video games which have their own stories. Well some of them are known by the players but still, there are lots of famous games whose origin story is hidden. Not just knowing their origin will interest you

5 Best Casual Puzzle Online Games Becomes Popular After the Success of Angry Birds

Angry birds are no doubt one of the most played games which gain huge popularity over the years. Not just it attracted the gamers but also the game was later on adapted in movies, products,  as well as animations. Nowadays, the game also developed into series and other sequels. After the

10 Best Online Games Website On Basis Of Genres

Action Game: Best Website For Action Games  If you are looking for a website ideally great for action games only, assimilates a wide range of action-based games even within subgenres such as action-adventure, action-shooting, war, action-platform and much more. They are mainly focussed to prove action or at least

Viking Escape : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept of the ‘Viking Escape’  is based upon a Viking which is trying to find his way out in the dark woods fighting against various evils, goblins, and enemies. Viking Escape is a side-scrolling platform adventure game where you control the Viking who is exploring the woods on a

Cool And Interesting Facts That You Don’t Know About Pac-Man

Pac Man is one of the most famous and popular video games that ever invented. Not just the game changed the whole standard, but also it’s a simple design, and interesting gameplay attracted the whole population. Pac Man is surely an interesting game. However, its history is far better interesting that

Room Escape : Online Game Review

Concept  The basic concept of the game is very much what suggests the credential of the game, i.e Room Escape.  It is a sketch-designed game where this guy wants to escape the room for which he needs the key to unlock the door. The door is strategically placed in a

Horror Video Games Which Will Wake You Up Whole Night

Horror is one of those genres which scare you but attract your attention at the same time. Not just that, it’s one of the most favorite genres of lots of people. Making horror genre equally interesting and thrilling, the game developers introduced to video games which will definitely not let