10 Action-Adventure Games Which Will Keep You Awake At Nights – Part I

Gaming is so much fun, especially if it highly engaging and full of action and adventure. Everybody looks for such great games so they can hold of it for a longer time. Well, we got you covered. Here are 10 action-adventure games which you will be thrilled to play. Find

Fast Knife : Online Game Review

Design  Fast Knife game is a well-design game with some convincing addition of visual effects and sound effects surely in its own boundaries. The game features a round wooden log in front of the gamer which is rotating in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, at least at first. You see

Defender : Online Game Review

Design  The overall design of the game is a modern version of the classic retro game Defender released in 1981 as an arcade game. It was highly popular back then in the 80s and 90s  as well.  The design of the game is basically as a shooting space game which

Best Video Games Spin-Offs That Are Much Better Than Original

When any video game gets a good response from the players as well as critics,  the developers decide to introduced sequel or spin-offs to keep their audience entrain. However, introducing spin-offs are not that simple as there are lots of time when these things didn’t get that much recognition. But

Flying Bird Recycling Rubbish : Online Game Review

Design  The basic design of the game is very simple and straightforward to its gameplay. The graphics used in the game is cartoonish and complimenting the difficulty level. It is about this flappy bird who needs to go through various obstacles. There are wooden branches leaning towards the opposite side

5 Online Cool Games About Based On Geometry [ About Shapes]

There are online games which are simplistic enough to seem not much effective but you have to give it a thought. Especially there are some geometry based games, in case you are fascinated with these abstract games with least graphics but the most gameplay and concept. Here are some shape-oriented

Knights Diamond : Online Game Review

Design  The basic design of the game is visually appealing and that you can see the moment it starts with title credentials. The kind of graphics which seem like well-made animated shorts is one of the best graphics out there for freeware online games. Knight Diamonds is the game with