5 Most Iconic Female Characters In Video Games

Well, there was a time when the video gaming industry was basically focused on making video games for the males. Due to which the game usually contained violence and dirty fights. But after some time, the developers also decided to attract the female audience too, and so games like Pacman

5 Highly Challenging Online Games That Won’t Let You Rest For Days [ Unless You Crack It]

You may find some game truly puzzling, complicated and hooked upon so much that you feel an urge to crack it, otherwise you won’t rest. Here are some great challenging online games that won’t let you rest. These games are hard to play, tough to crack on certain points and

5 Easy Looking Yet Tricky Online Games To Play

There are some games disguise in its simplicity of design and so-called gameplay one-liner but when you play them, you just feel ‘ I never gonna win this’¬† or like ‘ This game is impossible’. Remember these lines spoken out loud in utter dissapoint even when you engage with those

5 Extreme Retro Fighting Games Where You Are Aggressive to Your Keyboards

You know there are a lot of action games, fighting games out there to play since the classic era till today. But there are only few fighting games due to which your keyboard has to suffer. Remember those Tekken or street fighter games where you almost try to break joysticks.

Flies Killer Game : Online Game Review

Design The very design of the game so simple and easy-looking that you won’t really think of it as a tricky game to play as it is. Flies Killer Game is set in the kitchen where you see these flies attacking a green rat or something which is the protagonist

Pac Man : Online Game Review

About the Game Pacman is one of the legendary game, franchise, and a character in the history of pop-culture. Pac-Man is a popular arcade game which is primarily designed by Toru Iwatani from Namco, released in 1980 in Japan. It was earlier named as Puck-Man. At earlier, the game was

7 Addictive Beat’Em Up Games To Play Online ( Of All Time)

Beat’em up games are truly fun, especially with some stories, good characters and adventures. Mostly fighting adventure games are concentrated in the beat em’ up subgenre and it is there since early 80s era of gaming or around the arcade games. Here we tried to get all the cool addictive

7 Best Aim & Shoot Games To Do Target Practise

Aim and Shoot Games are the subset of the shooting games genre or shoot’em up games, it is more like target practices where least of the shooting but most of the targetting is required. It is more of strategic and practices oriented rather than heavy shooting or constant fires. If

Here is How You Can Win Any Strategy-Based Online Games : Tips to Know

Well, there are different video games which are entirely based on the strategy. Not just that, when you are playing such games, you should go with the ability for defense as is the best thing you could do. However, there are few other things that you can include while you play

5 Cool Stick Games To Play Where Graphic Didn’t Matter at All

Stick games are always cool and tempting, the minimalist design games usually have a tendency to impress more as you are not distracted by anything else except the very gameplay of the stick game or any other minimalist design games online. If you are also the fan of stickman games