Dead Alley : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept of the game will quite remind you of the movie character ‘Ghost Rider’. Even if it doesn’t seem to be an official game franchise or something and it is not but still the protagonist having the ghost rider’s firing chain to hunt down the skull ghosts. Design  The design of the gameRead More

Monster Jump : Online Game Review

Design The basic design of the game is quite simple and placed somewhere quite in space. The monster is placed in a space where there are various floating space pavements. Also, various hexagonal golden coins are placed in a linear order. There is a three-eyed green monster which jumps in a very humor-style. The variousRead More

Wothan Escape : Online Game Review

Design Wothan Escape is the game which is well-designed, especially to be played within just mouse clicks. The very much concept of the game is to make Wothan who seems to be a barbarian warrior and trying to escape the ancient prisons or traps. The game gives where dim texture where the lights are cinematicallyRead More

Dead Land Adventure : Online Game Review

Design  The overall design of the game is bit colorful and cheering considering the zombies in the dead land. It is hard to tell whether it is irony symbolized by the developers or just laziness. It even can be meant to be like that. All you will see the green trees and that seem likeRead More

Robbers In Town : Online Game Review

Robbers in Town is certainly one of the most challenging adventure game ever which is highly responsive and based on your stimulation. It is kind of a unique game where instead of one, two gaming characters you need to control in a very volatile surrounding.  Two robbers in the town just broke the jail andRead More

Zombie Buster : Online Game Review

What’s Unique About the Game  Usually, zombie games are more about shooting and killing zombies in bloodshed but this is a more light-hearted take on that. However, here you tearing the zombies into limbs and pieces but for some reason, that doesn’t seem anything gore or gritty. The very concept of the game is funRead More

Frog Jumper : Online Game Review

You need to get the frog on the other side without pulping it under the vehicle tire. This online game has pretty much resemblance or says adapted from those classical stimulating road-cross challenging games including frogs obviously. These games have been played on the video games, Symbian earlier old sets of mobile phones and nowRead More