Tower Platformer : Online Game Review

Design  The basic design of the game is quite unique and different comparative to other games. It is neither the side-scrolling platform game nor the puzzle-platform. As the protagonist is supposed to reach to the top of the tower, the game scrolls upwards as you go towards the top. The tower is explored from the surroundingRead More

Zombie Buster : Online Game Review

What’s Unique About the Game  Usually, zombie games are more about shooting and killing zombies in bloodshed but this is a more light-hearted take on that. However, here you tearing the zombies into limbs and pieces but for some reason, that doesn’t seem anything gore or gritty. The very concept of the game is funRead More

5 Best Zombie Games Websites To Play Online

Whether it is movies, graphic novel or games, zombies have become cult niche to enjoy. Zombie games are one of the most popular game categories ever whether it is video games, Android games or online games. Here are some great websites where you can find a good collection of online zombie games. You don’t haveRead More