Angry Finches : Online Game Review

About the Game  Angry Finches is most likely to be inspired by the most popular puzzle game of the 21st century, that is the Angry Birds. The game series which apparently become the franchise and got into various sequels, movies, animations, customized printing and what not. Angry Finches works on the same gameplay with someRead More

The Sorcerers : Online Game Review

About the Game  The Sorcerer is basically the three-match puzzle game more like in the category of Candy Crush and such other puzzle matching games. Here instead of gems or bubbles, you have these balls in the tunnel like construction towards a center hole. It is basically one of those color matching three-ball puzzle gameRead More

Fast Knife : Online Game Review

Design  Fast Knife game is a well-design game with some convincing addition of visual effects and sound effects surely in its own boundaries. The game features a round wooden log in front of the gamer which is rotating in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, at least at first. You see the knife in front ofRead More

Snake : Online Game Review

About the Game  Snake is one of the most popular, common and available video game which has become a genre in itself. The basic rule or gameplay with the concept of snake is a line which grows every time it feeds but becomes the obstacle for itself.  With snake, the game is translated the bestRead More