Top 10 Trending Games Online [ According to Miniclip]

If you are looking forward to some set of games which are trending online, here we featured a top trending game list according to Miniclip. Here are the best you engage within your free time. But beware the games are highly contagious and compelling to skip your work. Apart from Miniclip, there is a variousRead More

Monster Jump : Online Game Review

Design The basic design of the game is quite simple and placed somewhere quite in space. The monster is placed in a space where there are various floating space pavements. Also, various hexagonal golden coins are placed in a linear order. There is a three-eyed green monster which jumps in a very humor-style. The variousRead More

7 Best Aim & Shoot Games To Do Target Practise

Aim and Shoot Games are the subset of the shooting games genre or shoot’em up games, it is more like target practices where least of the shooting but most of the targetting is required. It is more of strategic and practices oriented rather than heavy shooting or constant fires. If you want to get controlRead More

Shadow Boy : Online Game Review

Concept  The basic concept of the game ‘ Shadow Boy’ is about this silhouette theme in the overall design of the game. The ‘shadow’ is utilized as the very much concept of the game where it is pretty much unsure what a boy is in such dark place where rabbits or anything remotely cute isRead More

Exolon : Online Game Review

About the Game  Exolon is a popular run and gun game developed by Raffaele Cecco and published by Hewson in the year of 1987. So this classic 8-bit game is a real popular back then. The game was primarily for Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad  CPC 8-bit and Commodore 64 bit but later converted to beRead More

Robbers In Town : Online Game Review

Robbers in Town is certainly one of the most challenging adventure game ever which is highly responsive and based on your stimulation. It is kind of a unique game where instead of one, two gaming characters you need to control in a very volatile surrounding.  Two robbers in the town just broke the jail andRead More

5 Highly Addictive Adventure Online Games You Must Try

One of the most adored genres of video games or online games is adventure games whether it is action-adventure, shooting-adventure or others. They are the kind of games where you get the most addictive and tempted to cross level and levels. Sometimes you even frustrated getting stuck in a particular level. There are a lot of adventureRead More