Gogi 2 : Online Review

Design  The design with Gogi 2 is something very unique and unseen where the different dimensions are utilized as multiple ground space. The whole game is quite mushroom-themed as in the background and even in the foreground, you will see a lot of mushrooms everywhere. There are various spheres where you can jump on whereRead More

Exolon : Online Game Review

About the Game  Exolon is a popular run and gun game developed by Raffaele Cecco and published by Hewson in the year of 1987. So this classic 8-bit game is a real popular back then. The game was primarily for Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad  CPC 8-bit and Commodore 64 bit but later converted to beRead More

Nugget Seeker : Online Game Review

Concept  The concept of the game is quite simple where you control the protagonist with a mission to take all the nuggets planted among the crop or mud. The area is protected by these caretakers or enemies with a large ax with them. All you supposed to do is move in a strategic or ‘maze-like’Read More

Boy Adventurer : Online Game Review

Concept  The basic concept of the game ‘ Boy  Adventurer’ is quite evident in its name itself. You control the young adventurer boy who seeks out to explore the jungle and find new places to go. You find the young lad with a cowboy hat and big boots collecting gold coins. Apparently, it seems theRead More

New to Sudoku? Here Are The Sudoku Pro Tips For Beginners

If Sudoku for you, is actually that one game which you see all the time, everywhere but don’t know how to play or even what it is, then you came to the right place. First, you should know that Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle traditionally which mostly appears in newspapers. It is laterRead More

5 Highly Addictive Adventure Online Games You Must Try

One of the most adored genres of video games or online games is adventure games whether it is action-adventure, shooting-adventure or others. They are the kind of games where you get the most addictive and tempted to cross level and levels. Sometimes you even frustrated getting stuck in a particular level. There are a lot of adventureRead More