5 High-Concept Puzzle Games : Would You Dare Crack It ?

There are a lot of puzzle games online ranging from the classic ones to the board games as well. There are also few strategy-based games online as well including the new or high rated games. But still, nothing can beat those high concept puzzle games which are a bit unconventional

6 Online Arcade Games Where You Don’t Need Coins To Play Them Anymore !

Arcade Games were truly special in people lives. Most of the people even when they are not avid gamers have memories to put coins into arcade machines to play their favorite game. It was one of the most staple entertainment sources back then. It got more popular over the years and

Action Reflex : Online Game Review

About the Game Action Reflex is the classic or retro 8-bit game got popular early in the 90s, also adapted in the various forms such as in Symbian phones, arcade games, Gameboy and smartphones as well. Action Reflex was one of those game you find in every game players house. However,

Super Kid Adventure : Online Game Review

Design  The overall design of the game in visual context is quite great, seem like an update form of Mario classics where you see these round ugly-face monsters hovering on the ground. Then you see various stages design to jump on them and utilize them to use as a platform to

Battleship : Online Game Review

About the Game  Battleship is basically a guessing game which is played among two players on a grid. It is one of the classic pencil and paper game dated back around the world war I, later adapted in various version finally in video games, smartphones, and other formats as well.

List Of Most Interesting ‘ Escape Games’ That You Can Try Right Away

  Escape games are one of the most challenging genres in video games.  However, These games are time-consuming, engaging and elaborate. Some of the video games come with explaining, storyline or even plot, but there are few where you simply get the room where you have to find your escape. Apart