Most Interesting Pacman Games Online With A Twist 

Pacman is one of the most played and famous arcade games. The Japanese video game was originally named as Puck man game but renamed later on as Pacman.  Since then, there are different versions made with interesting plots and characters. But the game was also introduced with a twist to entertaining the players. Here areRead More

Best Free Pacman games for Toddlers and Kids 

Pacman is not just for adults or teens but also for kids. The game is fun and interesting. and all thanks to the latest versions, Pacman becomes suitable for toddlers as well. The games are still the same as classic but they are kid-friendly. Also, some of the games come with calculations and educational purposesRead More

Best Versions Of Pacman Game Online That You Must Try

Toru Iwatani Introduced Pacman 1980 in order to deliver a game that does not emphasize violence. Since then, there have been numerous games introduced in the gaming market. The game follows the same pattern but with their own twist to make the experience interesting. These different versions of the Pacman game are easy to accessRead More

How To Score High In Pacman Game

A fun game which is suitable for all ages and attracting huge attractions around the world.  Though there is no permanent way to win, some tips might help to score high in Pacman. Pac-Man is a classic game, its easy to learn but mastering the game is harder. To score, the players require to eat theRead More

5 Most Iconic Female Characters In Video Games

Well, there was a time when the video gaming industry was basically focused on making video games for the males. Due to which the game usually contained violence and dirty fights. But after some time, the developers also decided to attract the female audience too, and so games like Pacman entered. However these days, theRead More

How To Win Pac-Man : Pac-Man Guide

Pac-Man is that one classic game which you have seen all the time through ages. Everybody loves it as it seems fun and easy to play. Well, necessarily not! It is quite challenging, even get frustrating when you cannot win it. The game has been made decades ago but its still challenges and quite strategic if you seeRead More