UFO Raider : Online Game Review

ConceptĀ  The basic concept of the game is to deliver the experience for a space adventure where you will be an intergalactic pirate flying through the armadas of alien defense army, their drones, spaceships, war machines, rocket and what not. Your aim is to take away as much you can, more of their resources, powersRead More

5 Sniper Assasin Games To Play Online

Sniper games are more like a preference than a sub-genre but a lot of people or gamers really love them. It is a subset of the aim and shoot games or shooting where you certainly only the sniper to take clean shots whether it is a military mission or some hunting expedition or anywhere theRead More

Flies Killer Game : Online Game Review

Design The very design of the game so simple and easy-looking that you won’t really think of it as a tricky game to play as it is. Flies Killer Game is set in the kitchen where you see these flies attacking a green rat or something which is the protagonist you control. They are flyingRead More