10 Old Classic Games Ruled 80s & 90s

There are lot of games to celebrate the spirit of pop-culture and gaming arena. Plenty of them was the iconic and all-time favorite but just among them, few led the users in those times of 80s and 90s by storm. Some games just turned the table upside down. Here are hand-picked classics which truly ruledRead More

5 Best Online Platform Games To Play

Platform games have been all time favorite for the gamers where you control this protagonist jumping above the obstacles, going through an adventure, attacking enemies and taking all the points in form of gold coins or something. It mostly got popular with the game Mario, which became the all-time favorite as a platform game. HereRead More

12 Surprising Facts About Mario That You Should Know

Undoubtedly, Mario is one of those very few legendary games which always will be contemporary to the world. It becomes the most popular game franchise created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and owned by   Nintendo. Mario is an Italian short mid-20s moustache man, a plumber by profession resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. The MarioRead More